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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A message from Jamie, Jon, and Ted:

Hello Murray Supporters!!!

A few weeks back, the three of us got together to brainstorm different ways that we could help Erica out. Since health insurance only covers so much with an illness like this, we wanted to figure out a way to reduce the burden. Having seen the overwhelming number of hits to Erica's personal blog, and knowing that she would never ask for this kind of help herself, we decided that some sort of online giving page would be a good place to start.

We know that there are many people out there who know and love Erica and want to do something to help out but don't know how to go about doing so . . . that is why we have created this blog.

Below are a number of ways that you can lend your support directly to Erica, and/or to various Leukemia & Lymphoma charities.

First, there is the option of donating money directly to a PayPal account that we have set-up for Erica. Second, if you would rather sell something on EBay and donate the proceeds to Erica, you can advertise it on this blog and then transfer the proceeds to Erica's PayPal account. The funds that are generated from both of these options will go directly towards paying Erica's medical bills.

Other options include supporting people who are participating in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team-in-Training events, or donating directly to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

The "get well" cards, the e-mails, the text messages and the personal visits that we all send Erica's way mean the world to her, and this blog is in no way meant to replace or overshadow them. This is simply another way for all of us to show her how much we love her.

Please feel free to post to this blog, however, if you would like to send a message to Erica, please post on her blog at ericamurray.blogspot.com

Thank you for all of your support!!!!

Jamie Murphy
Jonathan Murray
Ted Sheets


Jamie said...
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artineh said...

What a great idea you guys! I just ordered a t-shirt (how much of that goes back to her?) I'd love to help some more when finances permit.

It was only a few months ago we were all gathered at Jonathan's to see her and to meet Luke...

hope you guys are doing well.

Leslie Edwards said...

I love this site...so many colors to chose from. My sister ordered some, so I am waiting to try them on before I ordered mine. I was curious too about how the proceeds go to Erica. I think everyone wants to support her, but it would be great if you posted somewhere how the proceeds from the shirts go to Erica. Some people might be more inclined to just donate cash through paypal if they don't know how the shirt sales help her out. Ya know what I mean? Just a thought. I'm glad you guys are doing this, I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

Salut, Erica,
I've just read the Oxy magazine class notes and wanted to send soothing and healing thoughts your way as negotiate this journey with the support of family and friends.
Si tu veux je t'écrirai un courrier électronique en français.
Je pense à toi. Bon courage et fais de beaux rêves!

De tout coeur,

Susan Grayson
P.S. Do you have another e-mail address? The one they listed (the gmail.com one) didn't work with my server

Anonymous said...

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